Case Study from a Home Visiting Volunteer

I first met Beth when she needed support from Home-Start. Her third child had just been born in September 07 and the relationship with the baby’s father had broken down. She had two older children from a previous relationship, and although these children were still in contact with their father this also created pressure for Beth.

My support varied, initially we chatted and walked together to pick up the older two from school. As Beth became confident in our relationship I often took Jack for a long walk while Beth did various chores. She enjoyed having time to herself without interruptions to sort the washing, do some housework, cut the lawn, have time to take a shower! When the children got back from school we played games, read books and sometimes did cooking together.
I enjoyed my visits very much and was happy to see Beth’s depression becoming less of a problem for her. When the support ended we intended to keep in touch, although it has been less that I hoped because of my busy lifestyle.

When I contacted Beth recently I was very pleased to hear she was about to start work as a teaching assistant. Also imagine my delight when her text to me said, after making arrangement to visit after a long break………….. ‘I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for all your help. I owe you big time’

So Home-Start does work!

When I showed this to Beth she said ‘The one thing was that you always listened, you never judged me on any decisions I made and you never advised me!  Unlike all my friends who all advised me about my relationship problems. I really do think you made a difference.  My healing process would have taken so much longer without your support.’

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