Home Visiting Case Study

Tina and her one year old son arrived in Exeter last October knowing no-one.  Exeter Women’s Refuge provided her with a place to stay for those first 3 months in the city, after which she and Billy were able to move into small house together. 

Case StudyTina is a friendly, intelligent young woman and when I met her she was coming to the end of her first year in Exeter. She is now happy and settled and looking forward to a brighter future. This was not always the case however. She described how she had felt six months ago – “desperate, lonely, bored, frustrated, but so so lonely”. Tina described how at that time she was spending 24 hours a day at home with Billy, 7 days a week, and although she loved her little boy dearly, they were both bored of each other’s company.  Being an active little toddler, Billy was also desperate for some other stimulation. The Refuge referred Tina and Billy to Home-Start for support. 

Tina said that after the initial visit from the Home-Start Organiser, she had been in tears just because she knew that, for a few hours each week, she would have adult company and someone to talk to.  The Volunteer, Angela, and Tina began by taking Billy for walks and gradually they got to know each other well. 

Tina said “We had some really deep conversations on those walks – I really enjoyed Angela’s company.” Angela was also someone Tina could bounce ideas off and someone to ask advice about things like potty training. “She had not been involved in my previous life, and I really valued her unbiased support” says Tina. 

Angela spent 6 months supporting Tina and Billy through home-visiting.  That support has now ended, but Tina and Angela have said they will remain in contact with each other.

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